Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry I've been missing

I'm really shocked that I haven't written a post in a whole month.
Spring snuck up on me and I've just been relishing every minute of it.
Despite staring at her for over a month, checking her in sensitive areas and trying to just plain will her to have her baby, Dolly is on her own time line.
I'm still checking her every day for "signs" of impending birth.
So far she just keeps getting bigger.
In the mean time I've been mowing grass like crazy.
Planting vegetables in my garden.
Playing with Bug in his newly filled sand box.
And generally keeping my online time limited to visiting other peoples blogs and Facebook.
In the last month another interesting thing has happened.
A small bird has decided he is in love with his reflection in my tinted office window.
He comes every day to talk to himself, admire his lovely feathers and give offerings of bugs and feathers to the bird in the mirror.

Isn't he sweet? He cuddles up next to himself and chirps softly.

These aren't the best pictures but hey, it's hard to photograph through double pained tinted glass!