Thursday, May 29, 2008

Young love

All year I've heard stories about Bugs "girlfriend".
Really?.... already?
I've kind of shined it on.
I'm a mommy in denial.
When the teachers told me that he was telling this girl that
she was beautiful during class.
I laughed it off .
When I heard they were holding hands.
I figured she would have cooties the next week.
When I learned that she cried the week Bug was out sick.
I thought she had a problem.
When they put her next to Bug in the graduation show so she would actually
walk onto the stage.
I thought she must be terribly shy.
Last week when I attended the end of year field trip
she was there with her mom.
Her mom came right up to me and introduced herself.
She told me "I've heard lots and lots about Bug."
I thought her mom was a bit obsessed.
My boy was not in love with this little girl.
Then as the two of them stood in line for the little Ferris wheel,
I heard Bug say to the operator,
"Can two people sit in a car? Because A and I want to sit in that red one together"
Then I watched as he helped her into her seat and put her seat belt on.
I finally had to admit it.... my boy is smitten.

Now who's going to break it to them that they will be in different schools next year?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot housing market

Despite the dwindling housing market in the rest of the nation. There is a high demand for housing right outside my office window.

Over the last week I have been watching the flurry of perspective home owners fighting over the most desirable building in the neighborhood.

They've been poking their heads in for a look

Taking in the view from the front porch.

They try out the upscale landing pad.

Occasionally there is more than one family looking at a time.

They are holding nothing back and are quite loud as they try to compete
for this prime location.

They have heated discussions on how much it's really worth.

In the end, their dream of home ownership has been fulfilled.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pink eye hell...

My dearest boy,
Please keep your hands to yourself at daycare from now on.
Otherwise I will be forced to send you there in a Hazmat suit.
I know I said you should share, but I was really referring to toys and not germs.
Screaming, crying and flailing does not help me get the eye drops in your eyes.
No I will not buy you a red Mustang with white stripes if you cooperate.
Yes that was a bad word mommy said earlier while you were flailing and screaming.
Please do not repeat it at daycare next week.
Thank you,
Your loving mother.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Bizarre!

Last week when my dad came to visit he brought a tomato with him.
Not just any tomato... a tomato that decided it wasn't going to be eaten.
A tomato that wanted to fulfil it's destiny.......

Have you ever seen such a sight?? A tomato that sprouted on it's own?

Dad had it sitting on his counter to ripen and instead it did this!

He's going to put the whole thing in the ground and see what happens. He also promised to take pictures of the process. How fun it will be if we can pick tomatoes that started from this tomato!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm still here!

I'm still here, I haven't completely abandoned blogging.
I've just been very busy this past week.
First it was Mothers day.
Then there was Bugs Kindergarten orientation.
The school is very small and the teacher was very nice. I haven't been in a grade school in many years but one thing immediately jumped out at me. I turned to husband and asked " Do all grade schools smell the same?" He quickly replied "Yes, I think they do"
Maybe it's that I also went to a small rural grade school, but it smelled just like this one.
This isn't the actual school that Bug will go from 1st to 6th grade at. The district is so small that they combine kindergarten between two of the smaller remote schools.
Bug was shy at first but by the time we were done he had a new friend and a promise for play dates over the Summer.
The next night my dad came up to visit. We had a nice BBQ and Bug was pleading with Papa to stay the night.
Then we had Bugs Preschool graduation the next night. It was set to start at 7pm, we arrived at 6:40pm to find the parking lot over flowing. When we got into the gymnasium it was packed and we ended up in the back... again! argh. It also happened to be close to ninety degrees that day and there was no air conditioning or air flow in the gym. Husband had to go stand at the door so he wouldn't over heat! They did a number of songs and said their ABC's. Bug did so great, he was really hamming it up. I took pictures but I had to zoom way in (since I was standing in the very back!) I have tried and tried to edit the pictures but the kids eyes look like demon children. They aren't red, it's more like they are glowing and I can't get them to look right. Any suggestions?
Saturday my little sister came to visit. She lost her job Friday and needed to get away and just chill out for the day. We sat in the yard chatting, drinking ice tea and watching Bug slip and slide. We don't spend much time together so it was nice hanging out with her for a few hours.
The weather has been awesome this past week. I've been trying to catch up on my gardening. Yesterday was spent planting, weeding and watering.
So now you're all caught up on my life... I'm not sure how good I'll be at blogging through the Summer. I'm going to try and do at least a few posts a week.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Early Mothers Day present

Bug was adamant that daddy pick him up from daycare yesterday.
He had a surprise for me and didn't want me to see it until he got home.
I'm not sure what the difference was but we indulged him anyway.
He walked through the door with this.....

It's a planter with little sprouts poking through. The card says "I love you" in Bugs hand writing.

One side has Chives and the other Basil. He was so proud of it and knew that mommy would love plants for mothers day.

Speaking of Bug, he lost something a few weeks ago.

His preschool teacher pulled it out! It was very loose, but I was shocked when he told me she pulled it. Kind of pissed off actually, but I'm over it. It would have come out anyway right?

Maybe I was just upset because he wouldn't let ME pull it.

Happy mothers day to all the mommies out there.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ Pretty puppy

I found these while going through a box of my parents pictures. I took them when I was 15, my little cousin Serra putting flowers on my late great dog "Buddie" he passed away a few years ago, but lives on in my heart.

Emotionally exhausted!

I have been so tired the last few days. Saturday was the service and it went very well. There was just the right amount of people. The weather was gorgeous and every thing went very smoothly.
I spent most of Sunday doing nothing. Yesterday I was just as exhausted but managed to get caught up at work.
Today I am feeling a lot better and will hopefully be getting back onto the blogging band waggon.
One other thing happened this past week that I just can't get out of my head.
A tragedy happened in the family of an old high school friend.
A horrible, horrific event that I can't even fathom.
I haven't spoken to this friend in at least a decade. We used to be very close in high school, but then we drifted apart. I went in a different direction and we just didn't click anymore.
When we ran into each other a decade ago we had a really nice visit. We exchanged phone numbers and the following week I called her to see if she wanted to go to lunch.
She completely blew me off. You know when you are talking to someone and it feels very awkward, you can tell that person just isn't interested in you.
I realized it wasn't meant for us to be friends and I just let it go, even though inside the rejection hurt.
When I heard about the tragedy on the news I was in disbelief that it was her family.
I had spent practically every day at their house over the course of my Sophomore year in high school. I went to church with them every Sunday.
I immediately felt that I should reach out to her in some way. To at least send her a card letting her know how sorry I was.
When I told someone this, their first response was " Didn't she sort of reject you?"
I responded with, "Well yes she did, but I just can't ignore the pain she must be feeling."
I don't expect any sort of response from her. I don't even really feel the need for a response, but I did feel an absolute need to reach out with some kind words.
I have realized how important it is, when dealing with a loss, to have people just say they are sorry they are and that they are thinking of you.