Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Black and White

I've been working on a project for the hallway in my house. I replaced the old light fixtures and put some fresh paint on the walls and ceiling. Then my plan was to edit several family photos and turn them into black and whites.

I used black spray paint on a bunch of frames I already had and put white mats in them. My idea was to put the frames up randomly and not in a pattern. Not an original idea, I've seen it done many times, but I love the look. My brain however doesn't work randomly. My brain likes to make patterns where everything lines up symmetrically. So to combat this I just started pounding in nails, grabbing a frame and putting it up. In the end I was pretty proud of my random creation. It looked really good to me.

Then this morning as I was walking down the hall I realized that even using what I thought were random movements I had created a pattern! Three rows that were not straight but rows none the less. Each row had the picture going the same direction, top row landscape, middle row portrait and bottom row landscape. I almost took them all down to put them in more random positions but I give up on random... random is over rated.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random thoughts from an insomniac

I woke up on the couch last night at 1 AM.
This is starting to become a bad habit. I kiss the husband and Bug goodnight.
Then I settle down to watch some t.v. and end up waking up on the couch after midnight. After I put on pajamas and brush my teeth, I lay in bed wide awake for an hour or more. Random thoughts clogging my mind and not allowing me to sleep. Last night they went a little like this:

~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep.
~ I wonder if I can actually go 20 minutes on the elliptical tomorrow without killing myself.
~ I'll probably collapse at 18.
~ I really need to see if I can fix the read out on the elliptical.
~ Then I can find out just how many miles it takes me to kill myself.
~ I can't believe I spent two whole days editing photos and I'm still not done with that damned project in the hall.
~ I should post some of those black and white pictures on my blog.
~ I wish I could blog more.
~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep.
~ Maybe I should stop posting and just read blogs.
~ No I enjoy it when I actually get around to doing it.
~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep.
~ Stupid power company and their stupid $400 bill.
~ January is a stupid month to settle up equal pay.
~ I wonder if mortgage rates will go back down.
~ Why the heck didn't I call about them the week before?
~ I'm an idiot and I really need to get to sleep.
~ Dang I wish he'd stop snoring it's keeping me awake.
~ Next week I'll make a meal plan for the week before I go grocery shopping.
~ God I hate cooking.
~ I love good food, why do I hate to cook?
~ It's my mothers fault, she hates to cook.
~ But I hate baking too and she loves to bake.
~ Good God I need to get to sleep!

And so on and so forth... my mind won't stop!
At least I eventually do fall asleep.
I wake up in the morning feeling less than well rested.
If I go to bed at the same time as husband and Bug I'd wake up at 4am... is that better?

Monday, January 19, 2009

I love faces

Here is my entry for I love faces. This is one of my favorite pictures of Bug.

Thanks for stopping by, please check out the other contestants.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Someone seems to be missing something...

For days Bug has had a wiggly front tooth. Husband and I have implored him to let us yank it out. He has flat out refused. His tooth was so loose that it would jut out and it took everything I had not to laugh. Monday night we were playing a glorious game of Spongebob squarepants game of Life. Bug was sitting on the floor, his knee in front of his face when he sneezed. His face bounced off of his knee and when he looked up there was no tooth! I must have looked shocked because he said "What?"
I said " Bug your tooth! Did you swallow it?"
Just as I said it I saw the tooth on the carpet and started laughing.
Bug looked a little shocked but started laughing too. Poor kid looked in the mirror and I thought he was going to tear up. He was definitely disappointed by his new appearance.
Then he asked "Mom why do we have to loose our teeth anyway?"
I said " Well you would look pretty silly when you get to be an adult and have teeny teeth in your mouth!"

He's over it now and used to the big gap.
Now the poor tooth fairy is broke.
She wasn't prepared and didn't have any one dollar bills on hand.
So Bug ended up with five bucks.
It seems like yesterday I was waiting for those baby teeth to come in.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Delurking day...

There is a tradition in the blogging world of having a delurking day. I have never participated until this year. In fact I forgot all about it until I was over at Greeblemonkey where Aimee was participating. What does this mean for you?
All of you who read my blog but don't comment or comment all the time or just stumbled here unexpectedly, please leave a comment. Even if it just says "Hi".
Spread the comment love by commenting on other blogs that you read to let the authors know you are out there.
Thanks and Happy Monday all!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The bad words ....

This morning while I was making coffee Bug was recounting what happened at school yesterday.

Bug: Mom one of the big kids at school said the F word just because he lost a game.

Me: Oh no, that's not good.

Bug: Yea I couldn't believe it. So mom what's the F word?

Me: It's a word little kids shouldn't say. It's not a nice word.

Bug: Can you just tell me the word? I promise I won't say it.

Me: I don't know, I don't really feel comfortable saying it to you.

Bug: Well I know some bad words I just don't say them.

Me: Oh really? What bad words do you know?

Bug: Well there's stupid and dumb. I don't say those, well usually, and damn is sometimes a bad word.

Me: (Breathing a sigh of relief) Oh yes of course those are not nice things to say.

Bug: So what's the F word? Fart knocker?

Me: (Laughing) No, not fart knocker. That really isn't nice but it isn't a bad word.

Bug: (going through all the f words in his head) hmmm fly, flamingo, fry....

Me: I don't really think it's a word you know. (congratulating myself for censoring around him so well)

Bug: Can you just tell me please mom, I pinkie swear I'll never say it. Oh yea and there's another word you shouldn't say Oh my God. But you say it a lot.

Me: Ok I'll tell you if you promise not to ask me what it means or repeat it.

Bug: I promise mom, I'll even do the secret hand shake with you to prove it.

Me: (hoping she remembers what the heck the secret handshake was) Ok fine.

Insert a fist bump, high five followed by a hug.

Me: The word is Fuck.

Bug: (with a seriously perplexed look on his face) Fuck??

Me: You said you wouldn't say it!

Bug: huh, never heard it.

Me: (Wondering how on earth that is possible) Good!

I hope I remember this when he's a teenager so that I can remind him of his innocent days!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A mess in the garden

There is a mess in my garden.
I've been ignoring it for weeks.
I'm so disgusted by the whole stupid thing.

Yes, that is my tiny green house in a heap.

Damn it!
When I secured it last year after a collapse I only secured the Southern and West ends.
We usually get all of our wind from that direction pushing things to the North East.
This year we got slammed with wind out of the North.
Damn it!
I was too lazy to take it down for the winter.
I'm an idiot.
So now I sit here wondering if I should even bother putting it back up.
At least this time it wasn't full of newly planted plants... that clean up truly sucked.

Monday, January 5, 2009


My husband is a diagnosed car nut.
We are car poor... or rich... however you want to look at it.
This last Summer was spent most of our car time at the race track and not at car shows.
In fact I think he only took our show car to one show this last year.
We did however spend some time at a large show on the coast without our actual show car.
I don't share his passion for classic cars but I do respect and admire their artistry.
They also serve as a wonderful subject for photographs.
I'm trying to remember what Summer was like so I'm posting some of my favorite shots from that day.