Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I arrived back home about one in the morning Saturday.
It was snowing as I started driving up our road and I had to put the Jeep in four wheel drive after I started slipping and sliding around a corner. Normally snow doesn't bother me but when it could possibly disrupt me getting back home after a week I was more than a tad annoyed.
My mom had planned to spend the day with me hanging out on Saturday but with an even colder storm heading our way and her long drive home over the mountains she opted to leave late Saturday morning instead.
Husband made a purchase while I was gone. Can you guess what it is?

We had been discussing getting him a better comuter car than the Jeep. He drives about sixty miles round trip to work. He ended up getting a really good deal on a deisel VW Beetle.
So now we have two Bugs in the family! I drove it around yesterday and loved it. Yesterday morning Bug looked outside and said " Look the Bug has a snow hat!"


Corey~living and loving said...

Glad you made it home safely! :)

I love the bug. I think they are very cute little cars. They are happy too. If you look at them from the back you'll see a smiling car. the headrests are the eyes, the emblem is the nose, and the hatch line is the smile. soooooooo cute. take a look and let me know if you see it.

monstergirlee said...

I love kids comments, they're so awesome.

Its still freakin' cold here, and its getting Old old old. But at least when I walk into my 60 degree house it feels warmish compared to the 28 outside.

Stay safe!

Huckdoll said...

You are SO lucky!!! So so so cute. I love that car :)