Saturday, October 29, 2011


Change is in the air.
Change in the season.
Change in my personal life.
Lots and lots of changes ahead.

I'm trying really hard to keep my head above water.
To hold it together.

I'm hopeful

but most of all ... I feel alive

For the first time in years I'm being the person I want to be.

And I'm very, very thankful for that.


monstergirlee said...

Thinking of you. Hoping things come for the best, for you, and those you love.

Corey~living and loving said...

I am happy to hear it. I want the best for you, as you know. It looks like I missed a call from you the other day. I'm sorry for that. Think of you every single day. oh and I had a job interview this week. I won't get it....but just knowing that I'm ready to move on has been good. so I understand in a tiny sort of way.

Lindy said...

Changes - I can certainly feel that .. too many to be prepared for.

You should share your photos - they are so amazingly beautiful ... an expression of you.

Thinking of you - in all of my changes - and all that you have been through.