Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation Part 2 - The Wild West

Welcome to the wild west.

Where the cows outnumber the people 100 to 1.
Everywhere you look are cows.

Big cows and little cows. Black, brown and polkadot cows.

But this little guy was my favorite, all alone, poor little guy doesn't know what he's in for.
It's too sad to even think about it. Makes me not want to eat burgers. But then I remember steak, yummmmm how I love a good steak. Sorry little guy.

Grandma Rosie loves going for long walks in the evening. Not sure how Bug would be able to keep up I said we would go with her until he got too tired.

I love that picture with his feet off the ground, he was so excited and happy.

That first walk, he made it almost the whole way, up steep hills, over brush and across irrigation ditches. The next day we tried it again and he made it the whole distance that time.

We followed a gravel road up a steep hill and then a path along an irrigation ditch.

From up on the hill you can see for miles into the valley below.

The weather looked menacing at times but it only sprinkled on us a little. In between rain clouds the sun would come out and it would get so hot we would strip off our sweatshirts and jackets, only having to put them back on again when the next cloud came overhead.

Bug persuaded me and grandma to play follow the leader. He would yell and we would yell. He would skip and we would skip.

Always turning to check and make sure we were playing along.

He also had fun throwing sticks in the irrigation ditches. We played a game at grandma's, putting a stick in the water on one side of the culvert and racing it across the road to watch it come out the other side.

Despite being surrounded by hills that seem dry and barren except for sage brush. There is a lot of water in the valley. Marshes teeming with wildlife, dozens of birds singing in unison.

Do you think I could actually get a good bird picture? Nope, not one good one. They were all around me, I could hear them. But when I went to get their picture they disappeared into the grasses and brush.


Corey~living and loving said...

ooooo what a pretty place. you got so many wonderful shots. :) I love the one at the top of the hill....and I had to laugh at you skipping along. such a good mama. :)
Looks like you had a wonderful time. so glad.

Taddie Tales said...

such awesome photos ms autumn!!!!!

i would love to have weather here that made me put on a sweatshirt - over the 90 plus.

you guys look like so much fun to go on a hike with. fun time!

Mama Zen said...

Oh, wow! It looks like heaven to me!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

oh I had so much fun viewing your great photos. I'm a little confused though... I couldn't find any of the pink cows and now I'm a little worried where my strawberry milk comes from... hmmm....
Very nice photos, Autumn... I really did enjoy them all!!