Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tucker ~ The crazy dog

Tucker is one of my moms dogs. He's either a Kelpie or a red healer mix.
Her partner Mark picked him up from a local shelter last year.

They estimated his age at the time to be around nine months old. He was scared but seemed happy when Mark put him in his truck. As soon as they pulled into the driveway Tucker jumped out of the pickup window and ran into the fields near their house.
They called him, they tried to bribe him, but nothing worked.
He lurked in the tall grass, hiding but never coming very close.
Mom would leave food out on the porch and he would sneak onto the porch in the middle of the night to eat, then retreat to the field during the day.
After months of work, he will now go for walks with my mom. Let her pet him and put his leash on. But he still will not come into the house when Mark is there, and once drug Marks pillow out into the yard! He's like a wild animal, only letting my mom touch him and barking at everyone else who looks him in the eye. Right after we arrived Bug was playing with Tucker, Bug would run and Tuck would chase and bark. He wasn't being mean, just barking. We were all outside, mom and I walking around one side of the house and Tucker and Bug on the other. All of a sudden Tuck came up from behind me, nudging my hand with his nose a couple times. I looked down and then I heard Bug crying from the other side of the house. I ran around to see what was wrong, he was cowering behind my mom's bicycle crying. It seems Tucker scared him when he started barking a little to loudly. The dog didn't touch me or let me touch him again while I was there. He had only touched my hand to tell me something was wrong with Bug. After a day Bug got the courage to tell him "No Tucker, No bark" and as soon as he did Tuck would back off and go the other way. This poor dog, someone really treated him badly. He is so smart, but so messed up.
He would get so excited on our walks, trying to play with the other dogs but just blasting them over. My mom would have to scold him.

He is a pain in the butt, but what is she to do? No one else would have this poor crazy dog, she's afraid they would put him to sleep. She has a lot of work ahead to help this one, undoing what some jackass did.

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Julie B said...

What a smart dog-I love the story of how he nudged your hand. I do agree that he must of been treated so badly, poor thing. I admire your mom for taking him on. I know I couldn't get rid of him either, and it sounds like she is making progress with him.

Love looking at your photos-always so beautiful and makes me want to move :)