Thursday, October 30, 2008

A beautiful moment

We are lucky enough to be in the flight path of some magnificent birds.
Every year in October flocks of Sand hill cranes fly south right over our house.
The year I was pregnant with Bug I was huge in late October.
I was taking my daily waddle walk during my lunch hour when I heard the most amazing birds.
I looked up searching the sky for the noise.
In amazement I saw thousands of birds. They were swirling up up up.
They looked like a large black cloud that churned and swirled as they tried to catch a stream of air high in the sky. I stood there in awe, I had never ever seen anything like it.
An old man who was working in his yard was watching as well.
"Sand Hill cranes" he said "Aren't they amazing"
Soon they caught a draft and took off south in one big flock.
Every year I see them, though never again in those magnificent numbers.
A couple weeks ago, after feeding the goats, Bug and I started on an impromptu walk through our property. We had just gone over a bank and into some trees when I heard their distinctive sound. "The Sand Hill cranes!" I shrieked in excitement.
Then I started running up the hill away from the trees so that I could get a better look.
Bug yelled out "Wait for me momma!!"
Breathless we both stood at the top of the hill and watched as several formations flew overhead.
Bug whispered " They are the ones with red on their head right momma?"
He actually retained something from all those hours flipping through my bird books!
When they had all gone Bug turned to me and said "That was a beautiful moment wasn't it momma?"


Corey~living and loving said...

oh Autumn. I have chills. it made me happy and teary at the same time. great story!

Taddie Tales said...

What a wonderful story - this is why you blog, my dear. Thank you for sharing!



Julie B said...

so beautiful! I agree...THAT is why you blog-to remember and to share. Thanks for sharing that with us :)

monstergirlee said...

What a wonderful moment for you both! Thanks for sharing.

Huckdoll said...

Oh wow...that was indeed a beautiful moment and beautifully written. You're a great storyteller.