Friday, March 27, 2009

Odds and Ends... well mostly just odds.

I really wanted to post a photo story Friday again this week. I'm really enjoying participating. I spent several hours trying to edit pictures from our trip to the Aquarium this past weekend. Do you know how hard it is to get a good shot in a dark aquarium without flash, moving fish in the background under filtered light and small child in the dark foreground looking at them??
Oh you do know? Well then you'll understand how many good pictures I ended up with. I'll post them sometime but I'm not done with the massive editing job just yet.
I'm having a hard time finding the inspiration to blog. Several semi funny things have happened in the last few weeks but I just can't seem to properly put them into words. Like the story of the gift I just received. It's really kind of funny but when I type it out it's just lacking something.
My mother in law brought me back a present from Arizona. It's a purse made from crochet plastic bags. I'll let you all digest that for a moment. Yes plastic bags from stores.
You can sort of tell which ones where from Walmart and which are from Safeway. I suppose it could be considered the ultimate in recycling but I'm just not feeling it. See, only slightly funny.
In other news, I've been super cranky this week. Yesterday husband came home and I told him I didn't feel good, that I had horrible cramps. Husbands response was "Oh that explains a lot"
Note to all men... that is NOT the correct response.
Since I was feeling so crappy I went to the store to buy a bottle of wine after work. I got up to the register and the guy asked for my ID. I hand it to him, he looked at the picture, looked at me and then as he was typing the date into the register he says really loud "OH Wow!"
I thought maybe I'd one a prize until he said "You don't look that old!"
Um... ok I think that was a compliment.


monstergirlee said...

That was totally a compliment!

I got carded about a month ago, and as I handed the cashier my ID I told him I would be putting this date in the calendar as the last time I ever got carded. I'm 43.

I was hoping for another photostory today - I love your photography. But this is nice too, sometimes I like that random stuff, the slice of life. Its good.

Corey~living and loving said... that really was a compliment....but a poorly exicuted (how do you spell that?) one. LOL

oh in the dark fish aquariums....soooo hard. I took some at the zoo last summer. not how I wanted them to turn out. sigh....

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Corey's blog. Yes, the challenge of photography in those conditions is great!

And I hope the wine you bought was Australian!