Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching up.....

Last night we finally had nice weather. The rain has been bumming me out.

Bug and I spent some time outside, playing hide and seek, swinging, looking under rocks for bugs and checking on our plant starts in the greenhouse. Spring has sprung so I thought I would share some pictures from yesterday.

I haven't had a lot of motivation to blog lately. I've been reading other blogs but not commenting as much and just lethargic about life in general.

The car is fixed and was covered by the warranty. I'm picking up a new vacuum tonight.

Things are looking up.....

And in case anyone is wondering, our ladybugs did not survive the winter inside the house. However I did see several emerging from hibernation last night.

It is supposed to be in the seventies this weekend. I am so excited for Spring!

1 comment:

Corey~living and loving said...

Hey girl....dont' be such a downer man! sigh....I feel deflated reading that. ugh.

I hope this weekend brightens you mood.

oh and I have emailed with BOTH kohki and Connie this week. WOW. I haven't conversed with Kohki since our reunion, and Connie since my wedding. sooooooooo cool.
Can I give either of them your email?