Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who has time to blog?

Especially when it's 80 degrees and gorgeous outside. Yes you heard that right, on Saturday we hit the 80 degree mark with Sunday being slightly cooler but just as beautiful.
We were too busy doing outdoor projects to sit in front of a computer.

Here is a list of our (hubby, mine and Bugs) accomplishments this weekend.
1. mowed the yard and the grass around the shop.

2. Washed my car.

3. Washed husbands Jeep.

4. Swept out the garage.

5. Put up more electric fencing .

6. Tilled the garden (only one pass, the ground was still wet).

7. Fertilized the starts in the greenhouse.

8. Vacuumed out both vehicles.

9. I took the riding mower tires in to have leaks fixed.

10. Husband limbed up a dozen fir trees... and here are the pictures to prove it.

It's important to keep trees close to the house limbed. It helps in wildfire prevention.

It also helps to make our property not as appealing to Cougars.

Last year a Cougar killed one of our little goats. I couldn't get mad at the Cougar, after all it was an easy meal for them and we moved into their neighborhood.

Look at that reach! Husband didn't like these pictures...

See those white lines, that's the electric fence to keep the goats out of this area. They were stripping the trees and killing them. Plus eroding the bank really bad in this area, they liked being close to the house.

Bug liked playing in the branches.

He was having a fun time until daddy got upset with him... and told him not to play in the pitchy branches, near poison oak....

Here's Bugs reaction to getting in trouble.. look at that sad face.

This area was trimmed up a couple years ago.

Husband scared me a couple times, working on steep, rocky ground.

Reaching over his head with a running chainsaw...

This is hims saying "Why are you taking my picture?"

Oh just documenting for the insurance company dear....

By the way, I purchased a new vacuum this weekend. I decided on a Dyson, it's a real sucker and I love it but the damn thing cost more than a pony! Shhhhh don't tell Bug!


Corey~living and loving said...

oooo a dyson......I'm daydreaming of it now. :)

love the pics. What a wonderful weekend of productivity. :) love that! :)

I adore the first picture of bug in the limbs. great smile.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to relaxing weekends?! lol Isn't that the truth though, good list, great pictures.

Mama Zen said...

Bug's sad face was a heart breaker!

Now, if you're finished with your yard, you can come do mine!

Nap Warden said...

OMG...the chainsaw pictures make me nervous! Be careful Husband!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh wow, finally got into your blog. It would not let me here for the last couple days...grrrr.
Those are great photos but yikes... the chainsaw does look a little scary. But it had to be done and a job well done, I am sure!

Dyson is a good choice and yep, darn expensive. I probably sold quite a few of them in my last job at about $500 a pop but many of my customers came back and told me they were quite happy with it. Hopefully you will be too.
I never used it in my home personally. Hopefully you paid less than that though! LOL.

Julie B said...

I am sooo jealous of your Dyson!

Love the photos-your getting a lot done! The weather is addicting, and its been beautiful over here in the NorthEast as well, so we have been outside as much as we can. I am struggling today being stuck inside studying!