Friday, November 21, 2008

Man do I feel bad...

I have been planning Bugs birthday party for a while. His first friends birthday party complete with invitations, pinata and goody bags. Then he got really sick so I held off sending out invitations until early this week. We were having it a week before his actual birthday because let's face it not many people want to take their kid to a birthday party the day after Thanksgiving. Yesterday husband found out he has Pneumonia!
We had to cancel the party. Bug is so bummed out.
When husband said " I'm so sorry son, I'm sorry I ruined your party"
Bug responded with "Oh it's not your fault daddy, it's the sicknesses fault"
My sweet compassionate boy.
So instead of a party Bug and I are going to a fun center place with his cousin.
I'm sure after a fun day devoted to him he'll forget about how much he wanted his first friends birthday party.
Did I mention that my baby turns six next week?
I'm in complete denial.


monstergirlee said...

You have a November '02 baby too? hmmmm....
SO you and Bug should come up for my boy's 6th birthday party on sunday - its going to be mini-golf! Fun fun.
Love the leaf photo - its so colorful!

Taddie Tales said...

NO WAY!!! It's been 6 years already???? That's just not right - I think you need to recalc that.... LOL.

Alexis will be 5 next Sunday - that just doesn't seem right either.

They get older and I just keep turnin' 39. Over and over.

Hugs - Lindy

Corey~living and loving said...

Where does the time go? WOW 6 years old. sigh....
I'm sorry to hear that his party fell through. :( I hope you all have a nice day anyhow.