Sunday, November 23, 2008

So did you get what you were looking for?

I love Google Analytics, the last position I had with my company was very analytical. I totally love me some good stats. Yea, I'm a complete dork.
But what I love the most about Google analytics is that I get to see how people end up on my blog. Usually it's a lot of poor saps looking for something that has to do with Autumn the Season and not Autumn the person. But recently someone ended up here by searching for "Autumn is a pain in the ass" Yes I understand that I am sometimes, but why exactly do you need to google that? I'm sure that search ended up on my pain in the ass post, click it .. you know you want to read all about the time I got horned in the ass by a goat.
There are multiple searches for someone that I went to high school with. Someone I did not know very well and who's name I will not mention in this post. The only reason they end up here is the fact that my dear friend Corey left me a comment telling me how that person has a blog too. Thanks Corey, whoever ended up here spent a good five minutes perusing my pages. Hopefully they found your comment and so it all made sense to them then.
Actually I thought about deleting it but I need all the hits I can get... it boosts my self esteem.
Other than those I seem to have a lot of gardeners ending up here, I'm sorry to disappoint. This isn't HGTV and I'm not a botanist that can explain what an alstermaria looks like or what ate your pumpkin.


Corey~living and loving said...

I love google analytics too. :) You are a pain in the did they know? wink wink!

Too funny about hits looking for you know who. LOL

Taddie Tales said...

You are TOO funny, girl. Maybe I should try Google Analytics since I miss my job so much. The brain is turning to mush.


Mama Zen said...

I still laugh about the goat post!