Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Cards are in the mail

When Bug got home from daycare the day I received the messed up cards, I was complaining about them and showed them to him.

Me: "See, they put this little picture sideways!"

Bug: (while holding the card) "It's ok mom, people can just turn it like this to look at the other picture"

Hahahaha.. you gotta love that kids optimism!

I called the place I ordered from to complain and get a refund. The conversation went like this:

Me: "The cards I received are not what I ordered. One of the pictures is sideways."

Stupid lady: "Well you did check a box that says you have reviewed the card and know what you are ordering."

Me: " Uh.. yea I did, but what I was looking at was not what I received, I didn't ok a sideways picture!"

Long story short.. Stupid lady looked at the preview, it showed both photos upright. I received a full refund and didn't have to deal with shipping back. However that left me without cards. So I mustered as much creative skill as I could and I made my own card and printed them on my new super cool photo printer. They turned out ok, and all pictures are upright. So the cards are in the mail and I can stop stressing over that one.

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baby~amore' said...

Glad you got out it creatively and your cards are in the mail.