Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas programs

Bug had two Christmas programs this year. Even though he goes to pre-school and daycare in the same building, they have separate programs for each. So last Friday he had his daycare program and last night we went to his pre-school program.
The seating was horrible both nights. I'll start with last Friday, I had to strain to see Bug. I was in charge of the camera and hubby was in charge of the video camera. I could barley get any shots off and was cussing myself for not getting there earlier for a front row seat. I also made the mistake of not bringing a zoom lens. Oh well, hubby had the video and he was doing a good job holding it above heads. Bug did really good, singing some Christmas song about baby Jesus for the first song. The second song was Jingle bells, they put little gloves with bells on the kids for that one. On the way home while jingling his new gloves, Bug said " I can't believe they let me keep these!" Wow, imagine them not wanting to keep twenty pairs of jingle glove at the daycare.... I just can't.
Fast forward to last night. Bug has become very particular about his clothes and hair. He doesn't want that shirt or those pants and MOOOOOOMMMMM please don't comb my hair that way. We finally get there to find out there are twenty times as many people at this program as the last. Great.... no luck with better seats. In fact once we get into the gym there are exactly two chairs left in the back row. Hubby ended up standing in the back to video while I tried ducking in the aisle to get a good picture. I never did get a good one. Bug had about five songs last night and did so good. He loves the stage, he was doing all the moves and singing all the words. I'm so proud.
When we got home Bug wanted to watch the video. I hooked it up and as it was rewinding, hubby says " I think I recorded the ground for a while, I thought it was on standby." HAHAHA so funny! I get it rewound past Friday night's concert and we quickly realize that on Friday hubby recorded the first song, thought he turned it off but didn't, recorded his feet, then turned it off thinking he was turning it on for the second song. Then he turned it back on for the drive home! So there are literally ten minutes of black ( He put the cap on) and sound of us driving home! He is officially fired from video duty!

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Corey~living and loving said...

LOL oh my....that is sooooooooooooooo funny....oh I mean sad! I would fire him too! ugh

you know...I am sad that Sugar won't have a christmas program until kindergarten. a draw back of a small inhome preschool.