Monday, July 7, 2008


I hope everyone had a nice long 4th of July weekend. Mine started with a bit of excitement. Months ago my husband entered a big car race. The people who put on the show Pinks were coming to a race track near us and my husband couldn't resist entering for a chance to win ten thousand dollars. They were doing something different, called Arm drop racing. He was really excited but I was feeling a bit of dread about the whole thing. I hadn't been dreading it up until this last week, I couldn't pin point why I felt this way, I just did. So Thursday evening we had the motor home with the race car behind and headed out. As we headed down the hill into town the motor home died suddenly. Not good when you are towing a car and have no power breaks or steering going down hill.
Luckily husband got it to a stop and we sat trying to get it started again. He called someone and they came down to take a look. There was a switch under the dash that was not getting power to it and so they hot wired around the switch and got it started. We went on our way, realizing we would have to deal with it on Monday. As we entered the freeway it started to sputter and died again. Husband tried changing the wires around which created a burnt wire and smoke billowing out from under the dash. Great, here we are, my husband, me, Bug and our two dogs in the RV on a busy holiday weekend. Stranded along a very active interstate. Bug didn't understand why I wouldn't let him out of his car seat. I was so afraid someone could run into us and he would fly through the windshield. Husband went under the motor home as semi's rushed passed. Realizing we weren't going to get it started again. Husband unhooked the car and trailer and called his brother who was already at the track and our friend who is part owner of the race car. His brother came down from the track and the friend came from our town. I smashed all of our things into garbage bags and pillow cases. We only had one cooler so I tried to fit all of the perishables into it from the fridge. We called a repair place and they said we could leave it there over the weekend but they would be closing the gates at 8pm and we had to get it there before then. It was 7:30 when is brother showed up, hooked onto the motor home with his truck and towed it to the next exit and the repair place. In the meantime the friend hooked up to the race car and met us at the repair place. Then they had to switch the trucks and car trailer.
As I was getting Bugs car seat into the truck a bee stung Bug on the finger.
Husband and brother in law went to the track and our friends took me, Bug, our food, clothes and dogs back home. Bug and I went up to the track Friday morning and watched husband race, it turned out to be a fun weekend. Unfortunately husband didn't win the ten grand but the car ran well and he did a good job driving. We still don't know the cost of our weekend, but we got our stimulation (yes I know its called stimulus) check just in time to stimulate the tow company and the RV repair place. Don't forget the oil companies, they got a lot of stimulation out of us too. Sigh.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh my... what a weekend for you guys... sounds pretty hectic on one hand but also exciting as well!
Poor Bug... that must've hurt to be stung though... ouchy! I'm glad he's not allergic to the bees.
All in all, I'm glad it worked all in the end, too bad hubby didn't win but still go the experience of racing! Did you get some photos?
I bet it was a weekend you will all not forget anytime soon!

Taddie Tales said...

Bummer - at least you won't have to dip in to the savings for that mess. Oh my....You were with family and friends for the weekend - thats all that matters !!!!


Corey~living and loving said...

oh dear freaked me out....I was just waiting for something worse to happen. Not that it wasn't bad enough. stuff like that gets me all worked up. ugh........

oh hey....I got a message from Dustin Gallup on my facebook. LOL he has a blog.