Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Part 3 ~ Horses and houses

Yes, I really know how to drag out a topic. This is my third and final post about our trip to my moms house. My mom has had horses for many years.
From the moment we arrived, Bug was completely enamored with the three horses and one spotted mule in the field. He wanted to be in there, with them, touching them. That is, he wanted that, as long as mommy was holding him or at least his hand!
They can be pretty intimidating to a small child. Especially Junior, who's back is almost as tall as I am and whose big head dwarfs ours in comparison. The weather was touchy the first couple of days we were there, so we didn't get to ride. Finally the weather warmed up and mom saddled up Junior so Bug could ride him around.
I was worried that he would be scared, two years ago he didn't last long riding with me in the field.
This time was totally different. Bug loved it and would still be up there today if I let him. At first we led him around by himself.
Then I got up and we rode around, but Bug insisted that he could ride by himself. So I got off and led him around, later he told his dad "I rode all by myself"
The property that my mom lives on is gorgeous, there are beautiful flowers, running water, and huge grassy fields. The house however, leaves something to be desired. It's very old and the plan has always been to build a new house on the property.
It's been a long arduous process of getting the correct permits.
But you can now see some progress on the new house.
With a big front porch that has views of the mountains. There will be huge picture windows and vaulted ceilings, but there is still a long ways to go. In the meantime some robins took up residence on the new porch. Can you see the baby birds poking out of the nest?
I wish I had gotten a picture of my old cat while I was there. He was pretty senile but was very loving and Bug doted on him while we were there. We figure he was about 16 or 17 and he died this last week. It was nice to see him one last time.

So that ends our trip to grandmas house, a nice time was had by all.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh the photos are lovely. The horses are beautiful. Bug looks so proud up there... that photo of him is priceless... it's as if he was born in the saddle! Wonderful. Your photo skills have improved immensely... WOW... I'm so impressed. The flowers are gorgeous.
I am glad the visit was good.

Taddie Tales said...

As usual your photos blow me away! The flowers - oh my - the flowes. I wish I could grow the columbines like that beauty. You would think living in Colo I could - with it being the stat flower and all. Nope not me. Damn powdery mildew gets it all the time... who has time to stay on top of that?!?!?!?!

I beg your mom will be glad when the new home is done. What a project.