Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA

I am having a hard time living and blogging about it.
We had a long weekend last weekend and went "camping".
It was fun, but it's funny to call it camping when we drive up to a place in our RV and there are a hundred times more people around us than when we are at home.
I guess I should refer to it as RVing instead.
My dad did something a bit more exciting this weekend, he took a paragliding lesson.
How awesome is that? My dad, knocking on 60 and running down a sand dune with a parachute.
He also started taking electric guitar lessons, Bug is so impressed and a bit jealous.
My stepson is visiting from across the country.
He will be here two more weeks and so far has had a good time.
It's different having a teenager in the house.
As far as teenagers go, he is a really good kid.
I can actually sit and have a reasonable conversation with him about life.
It makes me just slightly less afraid of Bug becoming one.
So all of this makes for a busy time at my house. I'm going to try to edit some of the hundreds of photos I have taken the past couple of weeks.
No promises though, I might be posting Summer pictures in December.


Taddie Tales said...

I hear ya sista' ... I'm readin' but not bloggin'. I have a million things to talk about but no time to post. I find myself reading my "dailies" when I'm drinking my coffee but am just not one of those bloggers that throws out a picture and a blurb just to post. No worries - glad to see ya'! Hope you are having a FABULOUS summer. We are!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your trips!



Mama Zen said...

Living, rather than blogging? Surely you jest!