Friday, September 19, 2008

School update

I really hate that Bugs school starts at 8:30am so I have to drop him off in the gym for breakfast.

He really hates it too.

He has stopped the crying but is continuing with the clinging.

He just wraps his arms around me and whispers "Not yet momma, stay a little bit longer"

So everyday I sit a little longer until he's comfortable.

Then I haul ass home so I can start work on time.


If I could just drop him off in his classroom I know it wouldn't be like this.

Then Wednesday night he comes home with a note that says

"Reminder there is no Kindergarten on Friday"


So far this month this is the third regular day they didn't have kindergarten.

Just when I thought I was cutting daycare cost in half, it's more like just a quarter savings and a hell of a lot more stress!


Taddie Tales said...

Tell me about it! We have had 3 days off this month as well and another 3 next month (even tho she will miss the first 2 weeks). We had today off too so we went to the zoo. I was thinking this am that it's a good thing I don't work any longer or I'd have to cough up the day care dough.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh man, Autumn...I do hope it gets better soon, and a routine falls into place that works for both of you.

Julie B said...

It sounds so stressful! I really hope things get better for you and for Bug. Change can be so tough....we are having our own issues with the change happening in the girls' school, if I ever find the time, I'll blog about it :)

It seems like school have so many days off these days...I don't remember being off so much as a child!

Mama Zen said...

I feel for ya! Bad drop-offs can ruin your whole day. Not to mention all of the stress of dreading the moment. I hope it gets better soon!

Huckdoll said...

Awww. I just started the girls in full-time daycare so I know all about the cling. Everyone tells me to just dump and run and so far, it's been working. I can see how it might be different though when they're a bit older.

monstergirlee said...

Hi, I hope things are getting better with Bug. My son went to picture day today with a huge fat lip. ggrrr... I guess re-takes are in december. sign me up!