Monday, February 4, 2008

I think I jinxed myself...

Sit on a runway for two hours? Sure! that sounds like fun!

I got to do that twice yesterday as I tried to make my way across the country. I left my house at 8am Pacific. As we all settled into our seats we were told that weather was causing delays in Chicago. We would have a slight delay.

As we rolled out to the runway we suddenly stop.. and sit for an hour.

I wasn't too worried I had a two hour layover in Chicago, I was fine.

We then headed back to the terminal to wait another hour.

I call my trusty travel department (haha) who protect me on the next flight out of Chicago.

No problem, we finally leave and I'm on my way.

When I get to Chicago it is snowing and snowing hard.

I look at the departure screen and see that my original flight was delayed for two hours so I didn't miss my connection after all!

I had an hour wait and then boarded the plane to my destination.

As we all settled in they announce there will be a slight delay as we wait for them to deice the plane.

The flight attendants walk through the plane asking "Tap water? Would you like some tap water?"

They start a movie for us. The movie ends and the deicers are still not there.

Two and a half hours later we finally left Chicago.

I arrived at my hotel at 2:20am Eastern time.

I'm tired, so very tired.

Bug did a very sweet thing though, he drew a family picture for me and slipped it in my suitcase. He told me it was so I wouldn't forget him. sniff sniff, I love that boy.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh my, what a day!! What a wonderful little boy! Get some rest, that did sound like a stressful day.

Corey~living and loving said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he slipped it didn't know......That would have made me Burst into tears. sooooooooo sweet!

oh and wow....what a long day. Did you have a book or five with you? ugh....

Mama Zen said...

If that had been me on the plane, I'm afraid that I might have caused an "incident!" I'm terribly claustrophobic!

What a sweet, sweet little boy!

Groovy Mom said...

Tap water? You go through all that and all the airline can offer you while you are inconvenienced even further is tap water? Sheesh.

T.R. said...

Welcome to my world! You've just gotta go zen in moments like that and hope you brought a good book and lots of water. Chicago for layover is to be avoided in the winter months.