Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Speaking of horses... Part One

I mentioned in last weeks post that I am thinking of taking up horse back riding again. Well I never really gave it up altogether, however not having a horse of my own makes it harder to do on a regular basis.
Someone in my family has always owned a horse, well at least as long as I can remember.
Here is a picture of my dads horse, Babe. I think she was a draft, quarter cross. She was terribly bumpy to ride.

When I was a little girl all of the pictures I drew where of horses, and trophies and ribbons.
My stepfather owned cutting horses. Here he is on his horse Fritzy.
When he died, I inherited Fritzy. Her registered name was Ritzy Fritzy Kate. I could go into the field and just jump on her back. She would just stand there, she was like a baby sitter.

Once I was riding her bareback up a hill, it was steep and I slid right off the back of her. She stopped and stared at me with a "What are you doing down there?" look. She just waited until I got up and jumped back on her.

I took her to a couple Western pleasure shows and did ok for a novice. I think I got two thirds and a fourth place. Don't laugh at my dorky attire... ok go ahead I did when I looked at it.

When I moved in with my dad at fourteen my mom sold her. I had moved on to other non-horse teenage girl things and she didn't get the attention she needed. Mom and I have always regretted doing that.
My love of horses never ended, my mom still had horses and I would go to her house to ride. Here I am on Dawn, she was a Tennessee walking horse.

Then my mom moved across the state, an eight hour drive away. I only get over there once a year, if that much. So riding with her has not been an option.

After she moved I was newly married and busy with my new life, I always told my husband I wanted a horse, but I wanted a baby more. So once I became pregnant, horses left my mind.

When my son was four months old we moved from town into the country and onto five acres.
I soon met my neighbor up the hill who has five horses and has called me several times to ride.
Here are some pictures from the last time I was at my moms house. I'm riding Junior, he is a very large Tennessee Walking horse.

Bug was very excited to get on him, but once he was up there he was very nervous.
I tried to take a ride down the road, but my darn dachshund kept following me. He was not silent about it either. He barked the whole time!
Isn't that an impressive horse? He is huge, but very sweet.
Here is my moms pride and joy Ben. He is also a Walker.

Here is Skeeter, the old hag. I remember when she was born, about twenty five years ago. She is very cranky.

Here is Pumpernickel the spotted mule. I can't leave her out, she is Bugs favorite.
We have had more horses over the years than I can count.
Tune in next time while I detail my delima.. I know your waiting with baited breath!


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh wow... fantastic pictures. I'm always fascinated by these animals. I would love to ride them yet I'm so nervous to. I got the courage to one day and they told me I couldn't because of my illness and I thought that was silly :( That was just one person's opinion.
I love drawing horses and seeing these photos gives me the sketching itch again. Who knows.
Great post and I really hope you take up horse back riding again.
You're a natural up on that horse!

Mama Zen said...

I love the pictures!

I haven't owned a horse since I was a girl, but I still ride every chance I get.

Baby Puppy is a natural on horseback!

Corey~living and loving said...

you know....I have always wanted to ride horses, but when I get up there...I freak out. NOT good.
I can't wait to hear more of this story!

Thank you for the great comment today on my blog. I was so nervous about that post, but so far it has been good. not so great comment, but I can live with that.

I hope to post next week about identifying my emotions and how I have to work to control how I react to them.
I am most definatly not always patient, but I am honest about it. I jsut tell her, "mama is tired and grumpy. You NEED to help me!" I'll go into it more.
hugs...parenting is sooooooooo hard.

Nap Warden said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures. I love Ben!

Yolanda said...

I love horses.They are all so pretty and look so intelligent. I love the crocus picture below too.

Julie B said...

I love all the pictures!

We moved from a big NE city to a small Midwest town when I was 8, and one of the promises given to us children was that we could get a horse. It never happened, and it is still a dream of mine today!

There is always someday :)