Wednesday, November 7, 2007

All Fogged up...

We have been socked in with fog the last few days. The kind of fog that only allows you to see maybe 10 to 15 feet. This is unusual for us since we live on a hill and normally we can see the fog fill the valley below us all while we are sitting in the sun. I love that about where we are, that and the view. When it is foggy like this I feel trapped. It's cold, and the goats don't feel like going over the hill to eat the brush.. instead they stand at the fence and cry when they catch a glimpse of me through the window.
It's affecting everyones mood. The dogs are constantly barking into the fog at nothing. I and hubby are moping around. The goats are crying, and Bug is crying.
Yesterday evening as I was heading out to pick up Bug from daycare I could see the fog lifting just a hundred feet up the hill... oh a reprieve from this blanket of cold, damp yuckiness!
I picked up Bug from daycare, it was still foggy in town. He was still in a foggy mood. As we got to the top of the hill the fog had lifted and we could see the sun was starting to set. Then as we started to descend and get closer to the house we both gasped as we rounded the corner. "Bug look at that!" The sun was at that magic moment where you can see the half round just on the other side of the horizon. The sky was blazing with pink, orange and red. Damn it... oh damn it all .. why did I not carry my camera with me???!!!
I told Bug as we got to the driveway.. " Mommas gonna stop the Jeep, undo your seat belt and sprint into the house to get her camera"
Bug was caught up with all my excitement... "Ok mom I'll get mine too!"
I threw the Jeep in park, let Bug loose and sprinted into the house, ducking under the garage door. Bug was on my tail, passing me in the kitchen to go find his camera "Wait for me momma" he yelled as he flew past. "Sorry honey the sun is setting I gotta go" I yelled back to him.
I sprinted out the door and up to our deck just in time to see ... I had missed it. Crap, I missed the magic moment. The round of the sun was down behind the horizon. So I shot a few shots through the tree limbs. Someone really needs to take a chain saw to some of these branches. Here is what I got.. NOT what I wanted.

Bug came out, I could hear him coming. He was collapsing at the side of our shop in tears.. "I .. cccouldnnn't ffffind mmmyy cccammera" He sobbed. Poor Bug, I've made him as neurotic about the perfect picture as me. Or maybe it was just the foggy mood he was in. I assured him we would try again tomorrow and I promised to always put both our cameras in the car.
We did try again tonight but missed that perfect time again due to a stupid grocery store run for paper towels and cereal. Moral of the story.. always bring your camera. You never know what you will see and want to capture.


Corey~living and loving said...

Oh autumn...I can sooooooooo relate. I was so mad at myself the other day when on the way home the moon was HUGE and in the perfect spot. By the time got was way too dark.
I really need to do some research to figure out what settings to use to get a good moon shot. I suck at it.

anyhow...the last photo you posted though is awesome. I love thick fog shots. :)

Mama Zen said...

I think that the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

And, I never have my camera with me either!