Thursday, November 1, 2007

Granny came to visit

Grandma Rosie came to visit this past week. She lives an eight hour drive away.. well ten to eleven if she is driving. She stops a lot, for the dog. She brought the dog with her, monster molly. She isn't really a monster, granny calls her "high maintinance". She is a cattle dog, so she likes to be the boss and herd everything, including granny a little. Bug loves it when she comes to visit. They share a quirkiness between them.. they both start singing for no apparent reason ( I admit I do too.. must run in the family) and they both like to tease me.
Grandma likes to take lots of walks and so does Bug. We went for a couple nice walks with her and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. Here are some pics from our adventures.
The goats followed us. Here is Molly the goat getting a snack of some douglas fir needles.
Here are some of our maples showing their color.

Granny and her dog Molly...

We had a super nice visit and on the way home from picking up Bug at daycare she called to tell me she made it to my brothers house. I got off the phone and Bug was pouting. I asked what was wrong and he said " I wanted to play with grandma when I got home and now she's gone"

I assured him that she would be back again soon.

PS. Mom if you are reading this don't start getting upset because I called you quirky.. or that I think your dog is a monster... I love you both.


Corey~living and loving said...

So good to see your mom again. :)
Sounds like a lovely visit.
Loved the pics....very fallish.

Zack said...

I don't care if I am quirky, what do you expect at my advancing age miss you all hope to see you soon. Meanwhile at Zack and Diesel's we are relaxing. love mom