Monday, November 26, 2007

It's a party!

Bug turns the big number 5 this week. So this past Saturday we had a birthday party for him.
Bug woke up around 6am, jumped into our bed and exclaimed

"GUYS.... do you know what kind of day it is today?

Daddy and Mommy: "Why no Bug, what day is it?"

Bug: "Mooooommm, Daaaadd, it's my PARTY day!"

Daddy and Mommy: " Oh right, we almost forgot."

As I was getting things ready, Bug started pouting that there weren't enough decorations. Little did he know I had another trip to town planned for balloons and a surprise pinata.
The party can only be referred to as a Spiderman extravaganza!

Bugs has a love of all things Spiderman, this despite the fact he hasn't really watched anything with Spiderman. We hung the pinata in the yard and let the kids go in order of age. Lucky for Bug he was youngest and it was his party so he got the first whack at it.

His cousin little T was next and gave it all he had, but Spidy wasn't breaking...

It wasn't until his cousin big T (the baseball player) gave it a hard knock that it's neck broke open. Big cousin C did it in and his poor big brother didn't even get a chance at it. There was a mad dash for the candy....

Good thing we had my stepson on dog doodoo duty that morning or all that diving could have been disastrous! Here is all that was left of poor Spiderman...

We went back inside to open presents and have some cake. I thought I would give a try at making the cake myself. Cake decorating is um ... not my thing.

I tried writing Happy Birthday but the letters were so bad that I gave up and just did circles. I guess I won't be giving up my day job.

Bug received some really nice gifts from our family. After everyone left he serenaded us with a song on his new keyboard that came complete with microphone. I can't remember the words to the song but it was pretty in depth and after wards he stood up and took a bow.

A fun time was had by all. Bug had so much fun he forgot that he wanted me to invite everyone from daycare and preschool to the party. He didn't however forget that he did not receive his number one requested toy... a red Mustang with white stripes. That he now thinks Santa is going to bring... sigh...

On another note, just prior to the pinata whacking I went to pick my camera off of the picnic table and gracefully dropped it onto the cement below. I couldn't even look at it. I sunk onto the bench and put my face in my hands ready to cry. From behind me came the always steady voice of reason that is my dad. "What? Nothings wrong, it's fine, it's not broken"

I put my head up .. astonished because in my brain I was certain I saw and heard glass breaking when it hit! Nope.. just a scratch on the bottom where it hit. Phew..

I can't believe my Buggy is almost five. How is it that time speeds up when you become a parent?

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Corey~living and loving said...

WOw Autumn...what a great party for your bug. Five on earth can that be? You are right time just starts flying when we become parents. sigh....

oh and you should have heard my GASP when I read that your camera dropped. glad all seems to be well.