Monday, January 26, 2009

Random thoughts from an insomniac

I woke up on the couch last night at 1 AM.
This is starting to become a bad habit. I kiss the husband and Bug goodnight.
Then I settle down to watch some t.v. and end up waking up on the couch after midnight. After I put on pajamas and brush my teeth, I lay in bed wide awake for an hour or more. Random thoughts clogging my mind and not allowing me to sleep. Last night they went a little like this:

~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep.
~ I wonder if I can actually go 20 minutes on the elliptical tomorrow without killing myself.
~ I'll probably collapse at 18.
~ I really need to see if I can fix the read out on the elliptical.
~ Then I can find out just how many miles it takes me to kill myself.
~ I can't believe I spent two whole days editing photos and I'm still not done with that damned project in the hall.
~ I should post some of those black and white pictures on my blog.
~ I wish I could blog more.
~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep.
~ Maybe I should stop posting and just read blogs.
~ No I enjoy it when I actually get around to doing it.
~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep.
~ Stupid power company and their stupid $400 bill.
~ January is a stupid month to settle up equal pay.
~ I wonder if mortgage rates will go back down.
~ Why the heck didn't I call about them the week before?
~ I'm an idiot and I really need to get to sleep.
~ Dang I wish he'd stop snoring it's keeping me awake.
~ Next week I'll make a meal plan for the week before I go grocery shopping.
~ God I hate cooking.
~ I love good food, why do I hate to cook?
~ It's my mothers fault, she hates to cook.
~ But I hate baking too and she loves to bake.
~ Good God I need to get to sleep!

And so on and so forth... my mind won't stop!
At least I eventually do fall asleep.
I wake up in the morning feeling less than well rested.
If I go to bed at the same time as husband and Bug I'd wake up at 4am... is that better?


monstergirlee said...

I've been a chronic insomniac for years. Nothing really helps.
And its funny because I think some of those same thoughts when I'm laying awake.

ya know what I do sometimes? I read old text messages on my cell phone. Hubby's laying there snoring away, dogs laying there snoring and farting away. At least I'm warm and comfortable in my bed.
It gets tiresome, I hope this doesn't happen to you all the time.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word....hate to say it...but this might be my favorite blog post of your ever. I love being in your head. LOVE.IT! tee hee

YOu are a freak like me. good stuff!

Sarah said...

"~ Damn it, I need to fall asleep."

I have that feeling at about 11pm, 1am, 1:45am, 2:00am, 2:12am and so on until about 4:30am lately. Insomnia blows.