Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life lessons...

Last night I noticed something sticking out of Bugs pocket.

Me: "What's that in your pocket?"

Bug: Confused look on his face as he reaches down to pull it out. "Oh it's from school, I found it in the loft"

Me: "Ok, we can take it back tomorrow"

Bug: " It's ok, I don't think it's any ones toy, well it might be, but I don't think they want it"

Me: " Is it your toy?"

Bug: "No"

Me: " What if you took a toy to school and left it there. Then another kid took it home on accident. What would you want them to do with your toy?"

Bug: " Bring it back to school"

Me: " So what should we do with this toy?"

Bug: " Take it back to school"

This morning he reminded me that we needed to take the toy back. I was feeling pretty good about it all, my little lesson, how he totally got what I was teaching him. He carried it into the daycare this morning. Then he handed it to me, nervous. "Mom you can give it to the teacher" It was clear he was embarrassed about it.
I did hand it to the teacher myself, telling her it had made it's way home last night in error.
Now I'm wondering if that is how I should have handled that. Should I have made my embarrassed child step up and hand it over himself?
Would that have made it a better lesson?


Mama Zen said...

I think that you handled it just fine. It sounds like he learned his lesson.

holly said...

i think that was the right thing to do. although i get stuff wrong a lot. but i have happy kids. i think shaming children is never the way to go. but you had good dialogue with him - that goes a long way.

Corey~living and loving said...

Hey girl! You rocked it.

Maybe the only thing I would have done differently is tell him, that you would hand it to the teacher this time, but if it happens again, he will have to do it. I don't know.....but maybe I wouldn't have said that. LOL

So glad to see Holly here. She is the bomb. LOVE HER!

oh and I say that Michelle commented the other day. you really should read her blog each day. Her photography is AMAZING! it blows me right away...takes my breath away. Makes me want to be right where she is. LOVE IT!

have a super day Autumn!