Monday, January 21, 2008

Yay for friends with cameras!

Remember when I screwed up and didn't put my memory card in my camera? You didn't read that entry? Oh well ... here is a reminder of my stupidity.. click HERE.

Now that you've read all about what a dingbat I am you are probably asking yourself how on earth I could have taken picture after picture and not known!

You see it was snowing pretty hard that day. Being protective of my camera (aside from dropping it on the concrete that ONE time) I would take a picture or two and then put it under my coat. I didn't want it to get soaking wet and break. So not once did I look back at the pictures, not even while back in the Jeep. I put it back in it's case, lest I drop it again!

Ok.. now to the point of this post. My fabulous friend Theresa sent me all of the pictures she took on our snow adventure. Yay Theresa!

Here is trouble and double trouble... aka Bug and his friend T. This is his same friend that went with us to see the Dinosaurs.

I love this next picture.. who doesn't love catching snow flakes on their tongue!

Here is Bug taking a ride on his Snow Boogie board that Santa brought him...

Here are the boys scoping out a new hill. Hmm.. maybe if we just jump in this ditch filled with water...

Here is T trying to decide if he should take the plunge....

I don't need no stinkin' boogie board.. Geronimo!!!!!

Here are the guys.. winching out one of the trucks.. my husband is in the grey jacket.. drooling over his friends winch.

Here is the stuck truck.. Hubby is the one knee deep beside the truck , I'm in the purple jacket in front of the truck.. pretending to take a good picture... dork!

Looking at these makes me not want to sell our Jeep.. but that discussion I'll leave for another post.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

You take awesome pictures! Luv the pic of Bug and his friend catching snowflakes.. so cute!!
My goodness, there's a lot of snow... We have a Jeep and it's beautiful in the snow and mountains! We love it for the fishing, bushwhacking, 4x4ing, we've done a lot of modifications on it. I couldn't bear to sell it.
Take care!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh are such a dork. I just can't get over you taking pics with no card in it....LOSER! you know I'm kidding. I would have died if it happened to me, but I am glad that someone else got some pics of your day. that takes some of the sting out of it I'm sure. :)

have a good Tuesday!

Mama Zen said...

So glad your friend had a camera! Love that picture with the boogie board. We just don't get that kind of snow here (usually)!